Top 10 Facts That All Gets Wrong About Vaping

Many people are giving up cigarettes and have switched to vaping. Many people are trying to quit smoking, fail. The success rate is much higher when they switch to vaping. Before you make the change, there are 10 facts you should know.

Vape Pens Are Different Than E-Cigs

The type of e-cigs you find in gas stations and supermarkets seems to be a cigarette, and are made by the tobacco companies. Vape pens are sold only in vape shops and are more advanced than traditional E-Cig.

4 E-Juice Ingredients

There are only four instruments in E-Juice. The first ingredient is greener glycerin. This is a natural ingredient. The second ingredient is propylene glycol. This is one of the most important ingredients in albuterol, which is the medication that is placed for asthma patients. Then it’s the taste. This can be natural or artificial. At the end, the nicotine levels vary according to the user’s preference.

Vape Pens Use Some or No nicotine

Viper pens use low levels of nicotine. In addition to sales, the vitamins that contain less than 6 milligrams of nicotine are better than those with more than 6 milligrams.

Minor Laws Are Being Passed In Many States

If these products first come out, everyone can buy them. As of late, the illegal sale of landing points in minors in 10 states and the law is more or less inhabited by over a dozen other states. Ultimately it is illegal for minors to buy these products in any state.

E-juice Companies Are Regulating Themselves

If you buy a bottle of E-juice, there are several warnings on the label. This is not because the state or government has told him/her. They do it themselves. They also use childproof caps.

Vapor Is Less Dangerous Than Tobacco Smoke

Some people have generally heard that it is safer to vape than smoke, and some have heard that it’s more dangerous. In fact, It is safer. By the way, studies have been carried out in 2012 which revealed that vaping is much safer and less human risk than tobacco smoke.

Public Use Is Controversial

Vaping in public has become a controversial problem. Advocates believe that it should be allowed in vouchers. If not, the customer can not try the product before buying it.

It Can Help You Quit Smoking

A recent study has shown that 72 percent of previous smokers are vaping now. Vaping is a powerful tool to help stop smoking. By the way, Of the people trying to complete to stop, only 6 percent returned to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Health Organizations See the Benefits

Many health organizations around the world have recognized the health benefits of vaping and e-cigarettes.


These days many people believe that no study has been done to prove how safe the vape pens are. This is not true. There have been several studies done, so consumers can earn on product safety.